A life lived without a purpose is not a life well lived. When real life turns out to be different from the life imagined, we tend to forget our goals and dreams. The Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) is designed to help youth polish their skills to work on such goals and dreams, despite the difference between reality and dreams. We believe that forming a purpose, building leadership skills and creating an enabling environment for others is the way to bring a change to your lives and lives of people around you.

We believe that shaping the skills of youth today will give us a brighter future. Therefore, through the Muslim Leadership Youth Program, we are providing a platform to the youth of Canada to come forward and share their ideas and skills, through our different programs and events.

The Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) believes in you. You, the youth, are leaders of the future. We want you to z the power within you to bring change in your lives, and the lives of those around you. We want to help you prepare yourself to give back to the community and the world at large.

"My Lord, increase me in knowledge." 20:114"